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For couples with significant assets, divorce carries with it serious concerns about asset division and whether each former spouse will continue to enjoy a lifestyle similar to the one they had during marriage. These concerns, along with uncertainty over child custody and its related issues, make divorce a stressful time.
At Melder & Melder, P.C., we provide full-service, detail-oriented divorce representation to high net worth individuals in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Genesee, St. Clair, Livingston and Washtenaw counties, and throughout southeast Michigan. Clients seek us out because we handle these matters with discretion and with the skill necessary to reach positive outcomes.
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Complex Property Division in Michigan High Net Worth Divorce Cases

As Royal Oak high-asset divorce attorneys, we understand that asset preservation is a primary concern for our clients. Each former spouse wants to have a similar lifestyle post-marriage as existing during marriage. That can cause serious tension. Our goal is to help our clients reach practical solutions in an efficient manner, so assets are not spent on attorney's fees, but instead preserved for division between the parties.
Because high net worth divorces involve significant assets and debts, we often work with experts whose opinions and input are valuable. We consult with forensic accountants, tax specialists, business valuation experts and other professionals to help us reach favorable settlements or win at trial.

We help clients locate, value and divide all assets that may be present in the marital estate, such as:
  • Pensions, IRAs and 401(k) accounts
  • Homes, rental properties and vacation properties
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Business assets and debts
  • Professional licenses and professional practices
We also help clients resolve high-income child support and spousal support issues, which can be very complex.

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