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The Children's Best Interests: Child Custody Disputes

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The one common denominator to every divorce is that where children are involved, minimizing the harmful effects of the divorce process on those children should be the primary concern of major consequence.
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Michigan Child Custody Laws

In Michigan, as in other states, "the best interests of the child" is the guiding principle used to resolve custody disputes. Although sole custody is awarded in some cases – joint legal custody, with one parent holding primary physical custody and the other parent having parenting time/visitation rights or shared custody where the child spends approximately equal time with both parents – are common types of child custody arrangements that result from a divorce.
Taken from the Michigan Child Custody Act, these are some of specific factors courts consider:
  • The reasonable preference of the child if the court considers the child to be of sufficient age to express preference
  • The willingness and ability of each of the parties to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing parent/child relationship between the child and the other parent or the child and the parents
  • Domestic violence (regardless of whether the violence was directed against or witnessed by the child)
  • Any other factor considered by the court to be relevant to a particular child custody dispute

Parenting Time

Generally speaking, children need relationships with both of their parents. Because of that, parenting time (also known as visitation) is a key component of nearly every child custody order. In addition to helping you arrange an initial schedule that works for your family, our lawyers can also help you after your divorce if you should ever need to ask the court to modify your child custody or parenting time arrangement.
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