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If you have been charged with an alcohol-related crime, you may feel helpless and uncertain of your rights. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending alcohol-related crimes throughout Wayne, Oakland, St. Clair, Livingston, Washtenaw and Macomb Counties and southeast Michigan. We know the courts, we know the judges we know the system and we can help.
Drunk Driving — Criminal Defense in Royal Oak, MI
In Michigan, the crime of drunk driving is called OWI, which is an acronym that means "Operating While Intoxicated". Other common acronyms related to this type of offense are:
  • OWI: Operating While Intoxicated
  • DUI: Driving Under the Influence
  • DWI: Driving While Intoxicated
  • OUIL: Operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • OUID: Operating under the influence of drugs
  • UBAL: Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level
In Michigan, the crime of OWI is usually classified as a misdemeanor, but depending on the number of any drunk driving convictions on your record, it can also be classified as a felony. It carries penalties that can include license revocation of up to five years, and the possibility of jail time of up to five years.

Too often, a person charged with drunk driving believes that there is no defense to a drunk driving charge. There are many defenses, and it is important for your case to be reviewed by a qualified Michigan OWI Attorney to determine whether your case could be challenged.

In 2007, the Governor of Michigan signed into law legislation that removes the 10 year look back period for all drunk driving offenses. Under prior law, a third offense would be considered a felony only if it occurred within a prior 10-year time period. Under this new amendment called, Heidi's Law, a driver arrested for drunk driving with two prior offenses, regardless of their age, will face felony charges.

Why You Need an Expert

Michigan drunk driving convictions and penalties can be long lasting and severe, both in court and with the Department of Secretary of State that regulates your driving privileges. These penalties and the numerous and complicated laws relating to motor vehicles, OWI charges and Michigan drunk driving laws should be taken very seriously.

Experienced and skilled legal counsel may be able to help minimize your penalties while maximizing your defenses. Melder & Melder, P.C., will level the playing field between you and the prosecution in an effort to provide and preserve your constitutional rights.

Consider the impact of a criminal conviction: increased cost or cancellation of auto insurance, lost educational opportunities, inability to rent or own cars, restrictions on travel, harm to security clearances, job barriers, possible damage to professional credentials or certifications, and being deprived of personal freedom.

Don't you think these rights, possessions, achievements and abilities are worth protecting?

TRUST OUR EXPERIENCE. You need a legal team familiar with the court system to ensure the best results for your case. There are many different alcohol-related offenses in Michigan. Our comprehensive knowledge of Michigan Drunk Driving law is your best defense. Let Melder & Melder, P.C., be your fighter, contact us today.

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