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Getting a divorce is a difficult decision to make. With it comes a certain amount of stress that can be lessened by having a basic knowledge of the divorce process. Here are three things you need to know about how divorce laws work in Michigan.

Michigan Is A “No Fault” State

This simply means that it isn’t necessary to prove spousal wrong-doing. As long as you and your spouse agree that there is no reasonable likelihood of getting back together, a divorce can be granted.

 Serving Papers

Michigan law requires that divorce papers be served by an adult who is not one of persons involved in the divorce. This person must complete and sign a Proof of Service form which is then filed with the county clerk.

Residency Requirement and Waiting Period

At least one spouse must have been a Michigan resident for the six months prior to the date of filing the required paperwork. Either spouse can file the paperwork in the circuit court of their county of residence after which, there is a two month waiting period for couples without children and a six month waiting period for couples with children.

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